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The Pollinator Times

by Kristina Lefever

Last year ​we​ ​ask​ed​ ​our readers​ what ​they thought ​about ​T​he Pollinator ​T​imes. ​Here are some of the comments that stood out for us from the 34 respondents: ​

  1. Length of time reading the e-newsletter​?​ 67%​: ​a year or longer

  2. Overall rating​?​ 76%​:​ excellent​

  3. Like best?

  • Information about native plants and pollinators and the fact that it is science-based but with a heart connection. Not just "oh aren't the butterflies pretty, plant more alien flowers they like". Not always the easiest or happiest information, but real information.

  • It's easy to read and educational.

  • I like to hear about events coming up and often register through the link provided in the newsletter.

  • Variety & education regarding best pollinator plants.

  • Local community resource that normalizes pollinator habitat.

  • Everything... it's well put together providing lots of info on different subjects.

  • I like the local focus on Rogue Valley.

4. Improvements / Suggestions?

  • I’d like to have 1-2 line reminders for upcoming events a few days in advance

  • Feature one pollinator matched with one pollinator native plant to learn about both with pictures

  • Gardening tips for our clay/rock/forest habitat

  • Simple tip of the month​

  • Life cycles of various natives; companion plants; info about fire-following plants; drought awareness & gardening tips

Would you like to share your thoughts​, or volunteer to help us write the great articles that were suggested? Here's the link for the survey.

Thank you everyone! We appreciate knowing ​The Pollinator Times is appreciated!


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