Pollinator Anthology
Anthologia de Polinizadores
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    We are honored to share this amazing project created by our friends,
Eden and Rebeca. And even more honored to have been selected as the
recipient of this beautiful vision for the community.

   This Pollinator Anthology will bee-come a legacy of art, education,
and opinion, a compilation of the stories we want to share about
pollinators and what they mean for our world. 

~ the PPRV Board, February 2022

These sponsor organizations and businesses are part of the legacy
of raising awareness about pollinators and their critical role for the
native ecology in the Rogue Valley!

This creative arts anthology is one in a series of anthologies honoring important topics in the Rogue Valley. Pollinators are our past, present, and future.  This anthology is a compilation of original work that honors our pollinators and their importance in our local ecology, provides education, celebrates our progress, and highlights opportunities for stewardship in our beloved community.

Proceeds from the sale of the published Anthology will benefit Pollinator Project Rogue Valley. All authors, artists, and organizations retain their copyright. 


Some of the work included in the published Pollinator Anthology is on display at the Catalyst Ashland Gallery during May and June 2022! The show has been beautifully arranged by Rebeca Ramm, Cynthia Michael, and Shoshanah Dubiner, with excellent assistance and support from Precious, Andres and their team at the Gallery. 

The opening night on the First Friday May 6 was a wonderful success! The show will remain in place at Catalyst until the end of June, with a second First Friday on June 3, with the book release and other special events happening June 18 and 25!

Please share this information with anyone in the community who might be interested in this unique and first-ever Pollinator Anthology!



Eden Orlando

Rebeca Ramm




Eden Orlando

Artist, Poet, Bookmaker 




Rebeca Ramm

Fine Arts and Art Administration





Pollinator Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, envisioning communities and landscapes working together to support diverse ecosystems rich with native plants and thriving wild pollinators.



Oregon Wildfires Anthology focuses on the Almeda Fires of September 2020. This anthology was published in August 2021 by Eden Orlando; hard copies were provided free to the public, and can be viewed for free online. Both contributors and community members alike attended an outdoor event to share, grieve, and honor each other to help process this traumatic experience in a safe, cathartic space. For a full page preview, click the link: https://www.blurb.com/b/10821668-oregon-wildfires-anthology 

Pollinator Anthology is the second anthology in this series. 

Thank you to our awesome sponsors for helping us to meet and exceed our goal! With over $4,700 in sponsorships, and another $800 from donors, we are set to publish 200 copies of a 300-page, full color, soft-cover Pollinator Anthology, with funding available for several celebratory events in May and June!