We envision communities and landscapes working together, supporting diverse ecosystems rich with native plants and thriving wild pollinators.


We inspire, connect, and educate about the ecological importance of
wild pollinator species and the
native plants on which they depend,
to increase pesticide-free pollinator corridors throughout
our urban and rural lands.
Pollinator Project Rogue Valley is a volunteer-led Oregon-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit
concerned about the health of our native pollinators and plant communities.
Working together, we can save our pollinators.

We at Pollinator Project Rogue Valley  humbly acknowledge that we
work and live upon the ancestral territory of the Shasta and Takelma Tribes and other native peoples. We are grateful to the elders and their people who cared for these lands in close connection to the earth and all beings here. We acknowledge that native people still live here, and deeply honor their sovereignty. We are thankful to be on these sacred lands with the plants and animals that inhabit them.

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Pollinator Project Rogue Valley is honored to be a member of the Southwest Oregon Pollinator Collaborative and help promote the cultural and ecological conditions that ensure pollinators
and their host ecosystems thrive.

Pollinator Project Rogue Valley holds a vision for a more harmonious world, one where people, plants, and pollinators contribute to one another’s well-being in perfect harmony. Where would we be without our bees and other pollinators?


The natural world as we know it relies on bees, butterflies, flower beetles, humming birds, and other specialized creatures for much of the life on this planet. These magnificent pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of most species of flowering plants and trees, as well as the agricultural crops we eat every day. These plants and the insects themselves, are an integral part of the food chain for birds, fish, and wildlife.

Life as we know it would cease to exist without their magnificent and helpful endeavors. Pollinators play a essential role in the natural kingdom, and in humanity’s entire way of life. We mustn’t take them for granted. Through conscious awareness, we can contribute to their habitats and ensure their survival. Pollinators and other insects are declining at a disastrous rate, and need our help to survive. 

The pollinator crisis is a global issue…yet we can hold a vision of prospering our pollinators by being of service to them. What can we do at a local level? Take a stand against pesticide use in your neighborhood and your community. Plant a pollinator garden, no matter how small, lush with native plants, and other flowers favored by pollinators. Bring beauty into your own life through creating pollinator habitats. A farm, a garden, a flower bed, and even potted plants. You will be amazed and delighted as your pollinator guests begin to arrive. As you hear them flutter, buzz, and chirp, your spirits will lift with joy! Beauty makes the world go around.

We must do what we can do to preserve life on this planet. Pollinator Project Rogue Valley invites you to be a “pollinator person.” Contribute to the greater good of the world. Find gentle, joyful, transformative, and creative ways to help pollinators prosper in the Rogue Valley and beyond. Spread the word to others. We hold a vision of “people, plants, and pollinators” co-creating together.

Participate with us! 

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We appreciate the support of our friends at Beyond Toxics.
Beyond Toxics is a statewide environmental justice organization advancing policies that ensure meaningful participation and cultivating grassroots leadership from Oregon’s frontline and impacted communities. Established in 2001, Beyond Toxics is a multicultural, inter-generational team dedicated to centering community leaders and building out the true diversity of Oregon's vibrant
Environmental Justice movement.
Learn more about at www.BeyondToxics.org or visit at the address below.