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We are thankful for the bees and butterflies, beetles and moths, flies, and hummingbirds who make our world go 'round.  We are thankful for the many people in the Valley and around the world who are working hard to 'save the bees' in so many ways.

We are grateful to our many friends and supporters -- from volunteers who provide office support or help with events and outreach into the community, to those who contribute financially to support our projects and operations.

Thank you for your contributions which enable us to  continue our educational and outreach efforts and help make the world a better place for pollinators - and people.   

Gratitude .......


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Funding Partners

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  • Plant Oregon

  • Ashland Food Co-op

  • Shooting Star Nursery

  • Native Plant Society of Oregon, Siskiyou Chapter

  • Rogue Action Center / Rogue Climate

  • Vesper Meadow Education Center

  • Southern Oregon Monarch Advocates

  • KS Wild

  • Earth Day Oregon

  • Herb Pharm

  • C3  Enterprise LLC

  • Medford Food Co-op

  • Ashland Emergency Food Bank

  • The Understory Initiative

  • Klamath Siskiyou Native Seeds

  • Our Family Farms

  • Beyond Toxics

  • United Communities / AmeriCorps

  • Armadillo Technical Institute

  • SW Oregon Pollinator Collaborative

Friends and Volunteers

Anne LaFrance

Vanessa Henson

Sharon Bryson

Nicole Hartsough

Randy Stevenson

LorrieAnne Miller

Joy Savoie

Laura Jessup

Karen Layfield

Deanna Mulaskey

Meena Scott

Caitlin Bishop

Wanda Borland

Daniel Jokelson

Pete Gonzalez

Erin Keller

Jen Radueg

Terry Trantham

Arti Kirch

Pat Burnham

Jen Radueg

Kristina Lefever

Ellen Barry

Amy Myrin

Greg Pavellas

Tiina Beaver

Deb Vroman

(see more Friends and Pollinteers
on our Team page)

Financial Contributors

Ashland Food Co-op

Sallie Rose Sandler

Dave Maher

Holly and Alan Hubbard

Tom Landis
Medford Food Co-op

Barbara Richard

Pamela Haunschild

Dr. Ray Seidler

Kristina Lefever

Anna Cassilly and Dakota Otto

Biologic Crop Solutions

Lynn Kunstman

Karen Layfield

Nancy Appling Salucci

Les Stone and Karen vonBergen

Claire Cross

Susan Rolle
Patricia Nichols

Mark A. Newberger Philanthropic Fund of the
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation


Indigo Creek Outfitters

Maureen Honeycutt

Sue Crader

Anne Golden

Donna Mulvey

Carolyn Salus-Singh

Dorise Treiger

Kiya Cote'

Shelly Candel

Pam and Bill Thornhill

Viki Ashford

Sue Fthenakis

Arti Kirch & Cindy Siegal

Jen Radueg

Ellen Barry

Herb Pharm

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