We are thankful for the bees and butterflies, beetles and moths, flys and hummingbirds who make our world go 'round.  We are thankful for the many people in the Valley and around the world who are working hard to 'save the bees' in so many ways.

We are grateful to our many friends and supporters -- from volunteers who provide office support or help with events and outreach into the community, to those who contribute financially to support our projects and operations.

Thank you for your contributions which enable us to  continue our educational and outreach efforts and help make the world a better place for pollinators - and people.   

Friends and Volunteers

Barbara Orsow

Victoria Sofitel and YES! Bakery

Rogue Creamery

Valley View Orchard

Shooting Star Nursery

Catie Faryl and Center for Creative Change
Julia Babb

Deb Van Poolen

Cara Cruickshank

Shanna Rose

Auro-Free Walker

Colet Allen

Sydney Hamlett

Lee Finney

Meadowsweet Levi

Joy Savoie

Rhianna Simes

Ruby Reid and Valhalla Organics

Julia Babb

Alan Bass

Terri House

Albert Pepe

Barbara Comnes

Caryn Gehlman

Gerlinde Smith

Jim Thompson

Tia Marten

Keltie and Keith Nelson

Cindy Harper

Cecile Shohet

Lynn Kunstman

Susan Eckstrom

Phil Lanni

Kyle Poling

Eddie Janisch

Financial Contributors

Beyond Toxics

Ted and Pam Darnell and Superior Office Systems

The Pollination Project

Ashland Food Co-op

Megan Danforth and Tom Pike

Sallie Rose Sandler

Dave Maher

Holly Hubbard

Tom Landis
Medford Food Co-op
Kathleen O'Reilly

Dr. Bea

Kathleen Herring

Barbara Richard

Pamela Haunschild
Peggy Elterman
Peggy Smith and Bob Jackson Miner

Dr. Ray Seidler

Rogue Creamery

Health Mart, Medford

Talent Garden Club

Kristina Lefever

Glen Riley
Kathy Kali

Suzie Savoie

Dolly Warden

Judith Karen Monson Grillo 

Robin White McKenzie
Susan Koenig

Anna Cassilly and Dakota Otto

Brian and Barbara Comnes 

Essential 3

Shooting Star Nursery

Kyle Poling

Helen Hubbard

First Presbyterian Church of Ashland

Medford Food Co-op

Blake and Amanda Metzler

Biologic Crop Solutions

Biomass One

Karin Ware

Lion Waxman

Matt Sheehan

Collette Allen

Lynn Kunstman

Nancy Appling Salucci

Colet Allen



Anonymous - in Honor of ....

The Pollination Place 312 N. Main, Suite B
PO Box 242 *

Phoenix, OR  97535 

Noon to 5pm

Tuesday - Friday
hours may vary so call ahead

* all mail to the PO Box please

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