Our Gardens!

Gratitude to those who made these gardens possible with their donations or labor, and to those who continue to tend them today.

Ashland Emergency Food Bank

We love how this pollinator garden, designed by Kimberly Brown, transformed a dry, unused corner of the Ashland Emergency Food Bank property into a beautiful haven for pollinators and people. 

We are now slowly adding native and drought tolerant plants to the mix.

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Clover Lane, Ashland, OR
behind the Ashland Emergency Food Bank

Our Office Gardens

We moved into our office on Main Street in February 2019, and right away, began dreaming of a beautiful pollinator garden, filled with native, low- to no-irrigation plants. Here is the list of the native plants growing in the front garden.

Our new Garden Guide is now available for a self-guided tour as well as for sale. Providing detailed information about each of the 30 plant species growing in the Garden, as well as the pollinators they
support, the Guide is
a special resource to
help you create a
native plant garden
for the pollinators! 

The south side of the
building is now a mini-nursery as well as a pollinator garden. 

We are fortunate and grateful to be the  recipient of a grant from the Ashland Food
Co-op in 2019 that helped us turn our dream into reality.

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to see the beautiful transition of the gardens

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The Pollination Place, Phoenix, OR

Follow us on our seed journey, and find out about  the next generation of these plants as we collect  and plant the seeds to grow more pollinator plants.

Want to learn about native and pollinator plants, help collect seeds to grow and share, and more..... oh, right, and weed?!
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Stephanie, Malia, and Terry at a work party March 2021

Sara potting up Coyote tobacco
April 2021


We are thrilled and honored to have been included in the virtual Native Plants Garden Tour hosted by the Jackson County Master Gardeners in May and June, 2021!  With 11 gardens, the Tour demonstrates how each space can be beautiful for people and pollinators.  

Thanks to the Master Gardener's for taking on such a big project and sharing the important message - plant native plants for our native pollinators!

Kyle Poling and Kristina Lefever highlight why our garden is a beautiful native pollinator garden through the seasons.

Gratitude and many thanks to Wanda Borland for all of her work on these wonderful videos below! Learn more about Wanda, a Pollinteer Extrodinaire, on our Blog

And, please enjoy short in-the-moment videos of the pollinators, plants, and gardens at The Pollination Place in this Album.