Let's Get Smart and Protect Our Pollinators!

Why do pollinators need protection?  


Pollinators - honeybees, native bees, butterflies, even moths - provide us with one out of every three bites of food.
Eighty-five percent of all flowering plants, including trees and other native plants, depend upon pollination for their survival.


Worldwide, there is a real pollinator crisis. Because of a shrinking, fragmented landscape, a lack of native plants and habitat in both urban and rural areas, the use of chemical and systemic pesticides in our yards and landscapes, and an increase in the spread of parasites and diseases, all compounded by climate change, pollinators are in critical decline.


The beautiful Rogue Valley has a thriving agriculture and a diverse and beautiful landscape.  Pollinators are crucial for our
eco-systems and agri-systems because they pollinate our native trees and shrubs and the many food crops we eat every day, provide food for birds and other wildlife, and of course, give us honey! 


Thankfully, people recognize the need to protect our pollinators and are planting pollinator gardens, landscapes, and avoiding toxic herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.  

Click here for more information about neonicotinoids.
Visit our Resources page for lists of plants, nurseries and more information!

Its easy to help our pollinators. 

Like every creature, pollinators need habitat, food and water.  


  • Plant plants - preferably native and drought tolerant - to keep your yard blooming all year long. 

  • Reduce - or better yet, stop - using chemical pesticides.  

  • Maintain a water source - just a shallow dish with small stones will do.  

  • Enjoy some less-tended areas in your yard - so the pollinators have a home all year long. 

  • Visit a local nursery and ask for native, neonic-free, pollinator-friendly plants. Three of our favorites:

    • catmint

    • sunflowers

    • asters

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