Pollinator Project Rogue Valley is directed by an all-volunteer board.
We joined together to promote the health of pollinators and people
- for our food systems and ecosystems - in our communities and beyond.  
Working together, we can save our pollinators.

Pollinator Project Rogue Valley does not discriminate or tolerate harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, national origin or any other status or basis prohibited by state or federal law.

Cara Cruikshank

Cara Cruickshank earned a Master Degree in Environment
and Community from Antioch University and has been an environmental educator for 20 years. While living In Washington state, Cara co-founded EcoSolutions, the Natural Landscapes Project, and Oysters for Salmon, working on water quality and pollution prevention. She loves teaching and working with children, and runs a nature camp during the summer.

Among other projects in Southern Oregon, she was active in the anti-GMO campaign, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, the Community Rights movement, and helped design the Stream Smart website for the Bear Creek Watershed Council. She is passionate about organic gardening and the reduction of pesticides, herbicides and industrial fertilizers.

Cara is a co-founder of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley. 

Dolly Warden 

Dolly is deeply involved in environmental and pollinator health issues. Dolly Warden often helped her father with the beehives when she was a young girl, and she is a member of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association. Dolly is a graduate the College of the Melissae. She began the Bee City USA "movement" in the Rogue Valley, initiating Talent as the second Bee City USA in the universe!

She received her Masters Degree in Library Science at Kent State, later earning her Master of Divinity Degree, paralegal certification, and a Certification in Permaculture. She has also worked in human services, founding the Initiative for Trafficking Survivors in Dallas, and has founded and worked in programs for immigrants and survivors of torture. Dolly speaks Spanish.  

Dolly is a co-founder of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley.

Free Walker 

Free was raised mostly in NY City and was educated at International schools both in the US and in France. She is semi-fluent in English, French, and Spanish.
She moved to Southern Oregon in 2009, and soon realized the urgent need to protect organic foods. In 2013, along with a small group of concerned citizens she co-founded Families for Food Freedom (FFFF) in 2013 to provide education and outreach aimed

at educating the public about GMO's and the threats they posed to humanity and our planet's health. Subsequently, in 2014 she became involved with the GMO crop ban in Jackson County. 

She met many other activists while working on the GMO crop ban and became acutely aware of the danger our pollinators are facing. Pollinators are the most crucial link to our food system and protecting them is of the utmost importance. She is particularly concerned about the wide use of pesticides that are threatening pollinators and all life. Her goal is to make protecting our environment a normal and everyday action for all citizens. 

She joined the board of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley in January 2018.

Kristina Lefever 

Kristina moved to the Rogue Valley in 2012 and immediately became enamored with the re- gion's flora and fauna, especially our pollinators. At the same time, she began learning about the unprecedented decline of all pollinators and the associated implications for our food system and eco system.She and her husband turned their barren property in Ashland into a pollinator garden, with many native plants, trees - and dandelions - but of course it's never finished.

Kristina loves teaching about our native bees, butterflies, flies, wasps, beetles, and humming- birds, and the plants and habitats that best support them.

Kristina is president of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley, chair of Bee City USA Ashland, a board member of Beyond Toxics, and a certified Jackson County Master Gardener.

Her dream is that everyone's yard will include a little or a lot of pollinator habitat, even if it's just a pot of nepeta (catmint) on the porch.

Ruby Reid 

Ruby Reid always dreamed of becoming a farmer. Growing up in a city, her favorite place was the vegetable garden, covered in dirt, and surrounded by plants and bugs. Ruby holds a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and she practiced social work and community organizing for over a decade. From 2012 until 2016, she served as Chair of the Board for Impact Bay Area, a nonprofit that provides full-force practical self-defense training.

She met her fiancé, Chris Day, while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015, and they settled in Southern Oregon. They created a mini-farm complete with greenhouse, raised bed, honey bee hives, native bee houses, a pollinator garden, and a massive worm composting system. Ruby's passion for growing her own food (and her propensity to produce more than she and Chris could possibly eat or give away) spurred her to purchase five acres in the Klamath mountains and launch a farm-to-table business in 2017. Valhalla Organics produces homemade Certified Naturally Grown goodies like pickles, preserves, and raw local honey.

Ruby is honored to serve as Secretary for Pollinator Project Rogue Valley and Bee City USA - Talent.

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