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We are growing pollinator gardens and spreading the word about our PolliNeighbors, native plants, and how taking simple steps will help save them - and us. 


There is an abundance of work to do - will you help with all there
is to bee done?  All while having fun, of course!

Enjoy this photo album of some of our Pollinteers doing their awesome work in various places around the Valley.  Come join us!

From Fire to Flowers (KO).png

First, as an initiative to distribute native pollinator plants in pots to those who lost their homes and gardens in the Almeda Fire, we are now helping community members plant native pollinator gardens to help bring back the pollinators!

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Help create practice and policy changes for a safer and healthier planet for people and pollinators!  

Another way to help is to join with other concerned citizens in southern Oregon who are talking with their elected officials about reducing or eliminating toxic pesticides in city parks and public spaces, school yards, and along public roads!

Join us in creating a Non Toxic Southern Oregon!


Do you have a great idea to help save the pollinators?   

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