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Over the last 11 months Pollinator Pals has visited:

  • Bellview School, Ashland

  • Brighton Academy, Grants Pass

  • Applegate Lavender Farm / Boys and Girls Club, Jacksonville

  • Jacksonville Community Center, Jacksonville

  • Armadillo Tech Institute, Phoenix

  • Talent Outdoor Program, Talent

  • Medford Montessori, Medford

Thank you, The Carpenter Foundation, for this grant in support of our Pollinator Pals program and our new Pollinator Pals Coordinator!  ~July 2023

We are honored and excited to be a grant recipient of the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation in support of our Pollinator Pals program, as well as the recipient of the 2023 Martha Young Award!  
Read our press release here.

~ January 2023

Education Committee for
Pollinator Pals



The mission of the Education Committee is to facilitate and implement locally focused education on the topics of native pollinators, plants, and the ecosystems in which they are essential. The committee will empower PPRV volunteers to research and create educational materials for students of all ages including (but not limited to): Pollinator Pals activity kits, long-term programs, community presentations and workshops, lesson plans, and in-school lessons. 



The Education Committee is composed of experienced educators and community members who have a passion for bringing their knowledge and experience to the education programs at PPRV to spark interest and passion in members of our community. Their goal is to inspire our community to be caretakers and changemakers for our local ecosystems.

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Learn more about our team here and in this blog - Pollinator Pals, With Cheese.

Pollinator Pals

Bee a Pollinator Pal -
Join us for Pollinator Education and Hands On Activities with Young People!

Meet Ethan!
Ethan Robison is PPRV's Pollinator Pals Coordinator!  
After serving as our first Pollinator Educator and Outreach Specialist as our United Communities / AmeriCorps member for 2022-2023, we were thrilled to be able to hire Ethan for this new part-time position!

Enjoy Ethan's 'End of Term Reflection' he wrote about his AmeriCorps service on our Blog here.

Are you an Educator?  Let's talk!
Send an email about how we can provide a fun and educational lesson plan for your students! 
Reach out to

Lesson Plans

Creative and hands-on lesson plans and activities, locally oriented to educate and engage students about our native pollinators, native plants, and our local ecosystems. 

Community Engagement

Meeting the community at local events is a big part of what we do. From making seed balls to showing off American Lady caterpillars to offering games and activities, our goal is to teach kids of all ages while they are having fun!


Over the last 11 months Pollinator Pals has enjoyed:

  • Unity Through Resiliency, Talent and Phoenix

  • Talent Harvest Festival, Talent

  • Day of the Dead with UNETE, Medford

  • Earth Day at ScienceWorks, Ashland

  • Earth Day at Pheonix Industrial Studios, Phoenix

  • Armadillo Tech Institute Birthday Party, Phoenix

  • Phoenix High School Ag/Science Fair, Phoenix

  • SIskiyou Crest Festival, Williams

  • Ruch Outdoor School Art and Science Fair, Ruch

  • Planting for Your Backyard Pollinators with Jacksonville Community Center, Jacksonville

Pollinator Kits


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