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Pollinator Anthology in the News

The Work of Art
SO PBS's documentary-style interstitial series profiling regional artists and arts organizations, with the purpose of revealing the artistic process behind an artist's work as well as boosting the creative economy of southern Oregon. Producer: Vanessa Finney

Ep 12: Eden Orlando


Published: 2022/10/17

Born into a family of writers and artists, Eden Orlando

is an accomplished author and illustrator. She created the Rogue Valley Anthology Series in response to the Almeda Fire, then continued the series with the Pollinator Anthology in 2022. In this episode, she explains the process of editing those publications, which collected the artwork and poetry of Southern Oregon artists.

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Thank You Letter in Mail Tribune

by Eden Orlando, Rebeca Ramm, Kristina Lefever

Published August 14, 2022

Thanks for pollinator support

Thank You, Rogue Valley, for your support of the first-ever The Rogue Valley Pollinator Anthology! This incredible project happened because of the amazing 65 contributors, 20 sponsors, donors, volunteers and community!

In just six months, we raised interest and funds to host four events during a two-month long Gallery Show at Catalyst Ashland and print 200 copies of an incredible art and education piece dedicated to pollinators in our valley. Our expectations have been exceeded, and we are delighted that 100% of proceeds from purchases of our 312-page Pollinator Anthology supports PPRV and future projects.

Thank you for making this educational literary arts project a success and being part of a legacy raising awareness and inspiring a movement of people passionate about connecting and restoring pollinators and their native habitat to our everyday world.

Visit Pollinator Project Rogue Valley to learn more and purchase your anthology!

Eden Orlando, Rebeca Ramm and Kristina Lefever

Anthology editors

Pollinator anthology highlights Rogue Valley artists

Jefferson Public Radio | By Roman Battaglia

Published June 3, 2022 at 4:41 PM PDT

Artists come together for Rogue Valley Pollinator Anthology book, gallery show

by Ambar Rodriguez for KTVL / News 10

Published Wednesday, June 1st 2022

Media Day at Catalyst Ashland

June 1, 2022

We were thrilled with our first Media Day with some of the local media, as well as a few of the anthology contributors: Rory Finney, David Lee Myers, Shoshanah Dubiner, Kat McIver, Jim Thompson, and Iveta Mulhall. It was an amazing witness to the mind, heart and soul of the community discussing the importance of caring for our local ecology for the next generation! Thank you,, Public Broadcasting Station, Jefferson Public Radio, and KTVL for your interest and for sharing our story!

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Click on image for PDF of flyer.

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