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Thank you!

to the Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers for the Bee Social Hour and the

Pesticides, People, Pollinators and the Planet Conference!

We are grateful for the support from our sponsors: 


Pollinator Project Rogue Valley

SOU’s Bee Campus USA



Cascade Girl Organization

Ashland Emergency Food Bank

College of the Melissae

Beyond Toxics

and the Rogue Valley’s three Bee City USAs

Bee City USA Talent

Bee City USA Ashland

Bee City USA Phoenix 






with a Special Thank You to 

Chef Al Chase
Chef Al is a 1979 Culinary Institute of America graduate with over 25 years of providing organic, plant-based cuisine and education. He provides chef-to-chef consulting, personal chef services, and training for those wanting to expand their organic, vegan options.


Daniel L. Verner

Daniel is proficient on the Spanish guitar, Russian balalaika, Greek bouzouki, Turkish Oud, and several other stringed instruments, playing international folk songs and dances.  He performs at Pie + Vine (on Lithia Way, Ashland) several nights a week, and at the Key of C coffee house (Ashland) on alternate Sunday mornings.  


A Shoutout to  
Rhonda Nowak and Tony Boom (Medford Mail Tribune) 

Jefferson Exchange (Jefferson Public Radio)

Honey Culture Radio, Rogue GMO Watch, and Farm Talk (KSKQ)


A Loud Buzzzz
for these people and organizations who gave time and/or money to support this event:

American Bee Company

Anne Golden

Artisan Affections
Ashland Food Co-op

Ashland Parks and Recreation 

Barbara Comnes
Barbara Richard

Big Tree Farms

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Carol Hwoschinsky

Chris Beekman
Circles of Seedlings

Dolly Warden

Eagle Mill Farm

Elise Higley

Friends of the Earth
Higher Power

Janice Cox
Karin Onkka Design

Kathleen O'Reilly
Kindler Stout

Laura Huntington

Long Walk Vineyard 

Living in Wellness
Miyoko's Kitchen
Native Plant Society of Oregon, Siskiyou Chapter
Nectar Creek Mead

Northwest Nature Shop

Oregon Honey Festival
Organicville Foods
Peter Buckley

Pop Cakes

Robert Golden

Pat Schuster and Ken Robinson

Sara Goyette
Selina Naturally

Shooting Star Nursery 

Talent Garden Club
Wormhole Farms


With a Special Thank You to Our Awesome Volunteers !

Alex Mendelsohn

Al Cook
Anna Cassilly

Anne Golden

Donna Breedlove
Ginny Ross
Gregg Marchese
Helyn Thomas
Janice Cox

Jasna Pecaric
Jessica Harper

Jim Thompson

Joni Chenoweth

Juliann Mastain

Karen Porscht Miller

Karen Potts
Kari Gies

Karin Onkka

Kathleen O’Reilly

Kenda Swartz
Laura Bee Ferguson
Laura Huntington

Lee Finney
Matt Sheehan
Morgan Bechtold

Nancy Nelson

William Gearen











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