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Our Work

It's simple - the more we know about the pollinators and plants that are native to this area, that are in fact essential components for our Southern Oregon ecosystem, the easier it will be for our human society to make decisions that will benefit us now and into the future.  

Our Pollinator Pals program is reaching children and teens in schools and other educational community venues through creative lesson plans, curriculums, outdoor activities, and more!

Our Habitat Academy program offers educational programs, workshops, and activities for adults.

​Our From Fire to Flowers Pollinator Garden program is helping to restore communities of people and pollinators after the devastating 2020 Almeda Fire.

Interwoven through them all, our Growing Gardens for Pollinators program engages and educates students and volunteers in the beautiful world of native plants and the pollinators who depend on them.

​Community Science is ongoing in our gardens with our regular Pollinator Counts in spring, summer, and fall.

Learn more about our programs and our goals for the future in our Strategic Plan.

We are grateful to our funders, donors, and community members who support our work with their financial contributions and/or their time and expertise! 


We would love to have your support!

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