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Engaging the community around the importance of native pollinators and native plants
in and for our local food systems and ecosystems.

  • Engaging the community through art and inspiration with the first-ever Pollinator Anthology

  • Educating, demonstrating, and sharing information through presentations, conferences, hands-on plantings, videos, classes, and more.

  • Inspiring volunteers, community
    members, and interns to learn, work,
    and share their knowledge with the

  • Sharing information during tours of
    our pollinator gardens.

  • Rebuilding the community through
    our From Fire to Flowers Gardens

  • Increasing the breadth and depth
    of pollinator landscapes with native
    plant sales.

  • Conducting community science with regular and ongoing pollinator counts in our gardens.

  • Expanding awareness of pollinator habitat and connectivity through our innovative Rogue Buzzway program, a collaborative project with the GIS department of Southern Oregon University to map pollinator landscapes.

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Butterflywings powered by volunteers!

   The work of protecting wild pollinator species is more important than ever, and we are grateful for our engaged and inspired community. We can't do it without You!     The wings of our butterfly are powered by the energy and engagement of our community -- working in our gardens, at educational events, & in The Pollination Place.

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