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Unity Through Community
September 10, 2022

We are honored to be part of the valley-wide commemoration of the 2020 Almeda and South Obenchain Fires. Partnering with ACCESS, we invite community members to make and take Seed Balls for the Pollinators, and enter a drawing to win a From Fire to Flowers Pollinator Garden. Hosted by the Jackson County Community Long-Term Recovery Group and many other community organizations.  


Rogue Valley Farm Tour
July 17, 2022

We enjoyed being part of The Rogue Valley Farm Tour again, the annual free, family-friendly event that brings people directly to the farmers, land, and animals that produce our delicious local foods. We were thrilled that farm tour participants had the opportunity to learn about pollinators with our fun and colorful Pollinator Activity Sheet.

Looking & Learning: A Pollinator Adventure on Mt. Ashland
Sunday, July 10, 2022

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

Join us for a hike on Mt Ashland with Travis Owen, the Amateur Anthecologist, to explore pollination ecology and the role of pollinators in the environment. Our focus will be on pollinators with an emphasis on bees, and the flowers they depend on. Co-sponsored by Native Plant Society of Oregon, Siskiyou Chapter.

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Pollinator Gardens for Monarchs
Sunday, April 3, 2022  2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

We are excited to host Tom Landis, in-person! Tom will begin by discussing the current status of the western monarch butterfly, and what we can do to help rebuild populations after their recent crash. Monarchs are charismatic emblems of good environmental stewardship, and our recovery efforts have received tremendous popular support.

Plant Parenthood

Sunday, March 5, 2022  9:30am - noon

Did you know you can start plants from your own plants? This in-person class will teach you to do just that! Participants will go home with their first propagation start.

Instructors Patrice Hanlon and Arti Kirch have extensive and varied horticultural and native plant experiences, including managing nurseries and developing native plant gardens.

Having the hands-on part of the class made learning so
easy. This is the best gardening class I have ever attended!  

   ~ Kathy B.

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Love Your Mason Bees!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022  6pm – 8pm

Although one of our most 'common' bees, the Mason Bee can easily be overlooked in your garden. This Spring may prove to be another difficult year for them.
Kristina Lefever of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley will share what mason bees need to survive and thrive, and how we can help them help us have more productive gardens.

Planning and Growing a Garden for Beauty and Biodiversity

Sunday, January 24, 2022  6pm – 8pm

Robin McKenzie will give you both the knowledge and steps to create a National Park right in your own yard, focusing on some keystone species, with a water-wise garden for you and the neighbors. 
Robin is a landscape designer and garden consultant in Talent. Her firm, Rockbird Gardens, specializes in transforming urban landscapes into custom ecosystems that benefit wildlife and people. 

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Holiday Open House at The Pollination Place!

November 20, 2021

Our First Annual! Thanks to everyone who came by, made a wish, bought some seeds, or ate a cookie made just for us by Opa Gardens! We'll do it again next year!

More than Pretty Flowers: The Evolution of a Native Pollinator Garden in Downtown Phoenix

November 13, 2021

Imagine you are given the worst piece of ground to create a garden – hot, dry, south facing, along a sidewalk, and busy road. What would you do? Why not make a beautiful garden, and make a statement at the same time! Join Kristina Lefever of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley as she shares the transition of the garden over the last two years – the plants, the pollinators, and the people.

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Seriously? Seeds! Their Beauty, Magic, and Science 
October 27, 2021

Seeds are a miracle - without them life as we know it would literally not exist.

Join Pollinator Project Rogue Valley and seed whisperer Arti Kirch as she shares the everyday marvel of seeds, with all of their rich diversity of forms, shapes, and colors​. What is a seed? How do they "start"? Why are they important, and how do they turn into plants that serve people and pollinators ...... or is it we who serve the plants?

Watch the Zoom presentation on our YouTube channel here.

Talkin' Pollinators and Gardens
July 29, 2021

Kristina Lefever leads a casual conversation at Dunn Ranch Center for Food and Agriculture about all things Pollinator. Under a tree, on a lovely evening, we talked about the whys and hows of native pollinators, mostly bees, but also butterflies, wasps, moths, and more! And the ways we can provide more and better pollinator habitat in our gardens and landscapes, and for the creatures that depend upon them.

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   "I attended the class at Dunn Ranch this summer on pollinator gardens. I have rarely been so impacted by a class in such a short amount of time. I learned a little bit about the importance of bees in the pollination dance, and more about just how many species there are other than honey bees. I learned a little bit about the critically important role pollinators play in the balance of our planet. And I learned just enough to inspire me to learn more, much more and to commit to a native pollinator garden focus on our new property in Phoenix. 

  So grateful I had the opportunity and grateful to you and your project for helping to spread this important information.

Best, Della"

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