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Spotlight On: Deb Vroman, Pollinteer

Deb Vroman in the Side Garden Nursery at PPRV

Interview by Arti Kirch, PPRV Vice President

PPRV is blessed to have many wonderful volunteers. We'd like to introduce you to one of them - Deb Vroman.

Deb has been a volunteer since June 2021 and in that time has donated an unbelievably generous 506 hours of her time to PPRV.

Deb primarily manages the watering all of our nursery plants. The importance of that responsibility cannot be overstated. Not only do the plants need water, but they need the right amount at the right time. As Deb waters, she takes careful note of which plants are doing well or which need food or which have outgrown their containers, etc. I guess that's why we call the place where you grow plants a nursery -- they need care and Deb serves it up in huge proportion

Here are some other comments from an interview with her, edited for space considerations.

"I found PPRV at a point in my life when I was looking to build community. I had retired and wasn't looking to go back to work or be in some heavily structured situation. I saw Christine (who used to run the PPRV office) tabling at an event PPRV was participating in. I had seen PPRV's table at another event and thought, well, this is the second time I am noticing them so this must be a sign.

It was like a "wow" moment of connection. Christine and I really hit it off and when I asked what PPRV needed the first thing that Christine said was "weeding". I have always loved gardening and being in nature which offers me a place to be, like coming home. But I really enjoy weeding -- it is so meditative and rewarding. And the truth is that I needed something that needed me just as much.

PPRV is a magnet for like-minded people and I feel like I have a new family in the other volunteers. We have all come together for a purpose, even in the face of challenges to the success of that purpose and even despite challenges in our personal lives.

PPRV is also a well-spring of learning new things. Like, first you discover bees and then that they need certain plants and then those plants they pollinate make seeds for the birds. The connections are mind-boggling.

I also love the vibe of the PPRV plant sales. It is thrilling to experience the synchronicity of meeting even more people who care about the planet...we are not alone!

PPRV for me is like a canvas of opportunity - to discover, to grow, to be who I am and who I am becoming."

Thank you, Deb, for all you do. It's an honor to know and work with you.


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