These items are available at our office. 
Come by, or call to make an appointment.
Thank you for your donation and support!

Tell the World!                                $24.00

Our beautiful 16x9.5 metal yard sign tells the town that your yard is a safe haven for pollinators.
Thank you for supporting our work to save the pollinators.


Butterfly Diversity!            $30.00

This amazing 24x30 poster by local artist Deb Van Poolen is not only beautiful, it is educational as well. Depicting 40 species of butterflies, the key identifies these species that call Southern Oregon home. Visit Deb's website here.


Bat vs. Mosquito!                                              $30.00

We love these bat houses made by Tim Short!  Each house can hold up to 100 bats!  $5 of each house sold will be donated to us to forward our work to create a Non Toxic Southern Oregon! 


Seeds and Cards!                                       $3.00 - 5.00

Seeds grown locally, with 100% of the donation benefiting PPRV:

  • Three varieties of sunflowers grown by Valhalla Organics exclusively for us!

  • Wildflowers grown by Kyle Poling of Jacksonville.

  • Lacy phacelia grown by Long Shadow Fields in Talent.  

Cards by Annette Trujillo, one of our local favorite artists.


Bumperstickers!                                $2.00 ea/                                                                   3 for $5.00  

Help us share our messages!


The Pollination Place 312 N. Main, Suite B
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Tuesday - Friday

* all mail to the PO Box please

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