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Thank you for your donation and support!

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Tell the World!                                $20.00

Our beautiful 16x9.5 metal yard sign tells the town that your yard is a safe haven for pollinators.
Thank you for supporting our work to save the pollinators!


Seeds!                                              $4.00

Seeds grown locally, with 100% of the donation benefiting PPRV!  Most of the seeds are from our Main Street Garden in Phoenix, and all are native to this region! Plant a little love for the Pollinators! Most of these seeds are best sown in the fall and winter months.
Learn more about these plants with our Native Plant Pollinator Garden Guide!      

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This  Garden Guide is also available for your self-guided tour of our Main Street Garden - visit often to see how the garden changes with the seasons! This Garden Guide would not have been possible without the dedication of our awesome Pollinteer, Pete Gonvalzes, who contributed many hours of research in addition to his expertise.
Now into it's second year, we are pleased to offer seeds for sale  from the garden, too!

Native Plant Pollinator Garden Guide!


Butterfly Diversity!            $30.00

This amazing 24x30 poster by local artist Deb Van Poolen is not only beautiful, it is educational as well. Depicting 40 species of butterflies, the key identifies these species that call Southern Oregon home. Visit Deb's website here.


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OK, this is a few of the 4,000 species -- only 130, or 3% of all bee species in North America -- each pictured at 5x their actual size. But it highlights the amazing diversity of bee species in this country - from the carpenter bee (Xylocopa), to the tiny fairy bees (Perdita). Many thanks to Dr. Olivia Carril and Dr. Joe Wilson of The Bees in Your Backyard

Backyard Bees of North America


This 'little' book is an excellent resource for learning about some of the best pollinator plants that grow here in our region.  
Thank you, Suzie Savoie of Klamath Siskiyou Native Seeds, for donating a portion of each book sold to PPRV!      

native pollinator plant book.JPG


Native Pollinator Plants 
for Southern Oregon 


Bumble Bees of Southwest  Oregon

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 7.47.39 PM.png

Thanks to Vesper Meadow for creating this  excellent 40-page field guide, a great resource for beginning and seasoned naturalists alike. This pocket-sized booklet measures 4” x 6,” and has waterproof covers and a spiral-wire binding,  making it durable and easy to bring along in the field.