April 5, 2020

by Kristina Lefever for the Tidings   April 3, 2020 ~

Having a home, no matter the species, is so important — a home you know is always there, fits your size and your lifestyle, and keeps you and your family safe.

Safe homes are vitally important for pollinators too, and there are many reasons their homes are disappearing. With decades of pestic...

January 1, 2020

By Kristina Lefever for the Tidings   December 31, 2019 ~  

I was in Los Angeles for a few days recently -- how different it is from where we live! Different is an understatement, right?

Granted, my wandering consisted of a 15 minute Uber ride for a few (organic) items for my hotel refrigerator, but I saw enough to know that few p...

October 4, 2019

By Kristina Lefever for the Tidings   October 1, 2019 ~  

As a pollinator person, I don’t usually get excited about lawns. And city parks, schoolyards, and public green spaces make me a little nervous, because I think about the toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are probably being used in these places where people co...