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The amazing Rogue Valley Pollinator Anthology is a beautiful, full-color 312 page book, a compilation of paintings, photos, sculptures, poetry, and even a song, all the work of local artists!

 The Pollinator Anthology publication is more than a beautiful art book!
With articles and facts about each of the pollinators and their role in our local ecology,
plus children's activities, resources, and more,
this 8x10 300-page book is educational too -
we want everyone to have one!

Purchase YOUR Pollinator Anthology at:

  • our office at 312 N. Main St. Suite B, Phoenix

  • Catalyst Ashland, 357 E. Main St., Ashland

  • Old World Artifacts, 287 Fourth St., Ashland

  • Other venues to be announced

Or, order online to be shipped to your address!
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Please share this wonderful project! 
Proceeds from the sale of the published anthology will benefit Pollinator Project Rogue Valley. 

Pick Up A Garden Guide!

We are thrilled with the success of the native plants growing in our pollinator garden in front of our office in downtown Phoenix! Click here to learn more about this garden and watch a few videos about some of the native plants we have highlighted.
You are invited to visit often to see how the garden changes with the seasons, and of course we are always looking for volunteers!
This Garden Guide would not have been possible without the dedication of our awesome Pollinteer, Pete Gonzalves, who contributed many hours of research in addition to his expertise. 
These Guides are available for sale - see our Gift Center for more information! 

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Get on the Buzzway!

Our Rogue Buzzway Project is mapping pollinator-friendly places to identify the pollinator corridors that run through the Rogue Valley. 

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We Love Our PPRV T-Shirts!
Organic cotton  All sizes

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Available at our office,

312 N. Main St., Suite B, Phoenix, OR

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With Gratitude and Goodwill

by Jen Radueg

It's that time of year again, where nature turns inward and focuses on supporting its roots and its core to create the inner strength to return anew to the world a few months later. As humans, many of us naturally do the same thing. Although these days, it seems like getting a quiet moment to reflect and "just be" is much more challenging.


As I look out my window, I still see some small bees and flies buzzing around, birds out gathering seeds, and ..... more on our blog here

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native plants and
thriving wild pollinators.


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Rogue Valley Farm Tour
July 18, 2021

The Rogue Valley Farm Tour, a free, family-friendly event, brings people directly to the farmers, land, and animals that produce our delicious local foods. PPRV was excited to table with our friends at Oshala Farm, along with Our Family Farms. We were thrilled that farm tour participants had the opportunity to learn about pollinators with our fun and colorful Pollinator Activity Sheet.